Cocks & Delaney

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Nova Scotia
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Building to Extremely High Standards: Our Philosophy

“I like to describe the care that goes into building a house. It’s an incredible responsibility, because it’s going to be there forever, or has the potential to be. Our standards are extremely high.

“Our clients become our friends. It takes a minimum of 6 months to build and finish a house, and we develop close relationships with our clients. And after you finish, if it breaks you have to fix it, perhaps when you’re over for dinner. We’re building in the area where we live, so we have to do a good job.

“It’s out of pride in what I do that I have such high standards. Being ¼” too short doesn’t count. It takes 5 minutes or another ½ hour to make something right that would otherwise be wrong for 200 years.

“We’re not expensive, but we’re not cheap. We insist on quality. You can cut corners and not save money in the end.”

- Iain Cocks

Iain Cocks, master carpenter and cabinetmaker

Yvonne Delaney and Iain Cocks