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Renovation: Garage for 215 Pelham St. in Lunenburg

This lovely old carriage house belongs to the heritage house at 215 Pelham St. in Old Town Lunenburg. We brought it up-to-date while retaining the heritage look.

We also built an award-winning addition on the house at this property, which is owned by Garth Turner.


Above, the refurbished garage.

Below, what it looked like when we started. Imagine the carriages it housed back in the day when it was built.

--door Garage before renovation

Side of building with chipped paint

Back of building with chipped paint

Corner view of building

Building with shingles removed, showing old boards, new door

We relocated the rear door and made it higher for non-hobbits to use more comfortably. Look at those wide boards!

House wrap and siding and new windows being added.

New windows, new siding

renovations to front of garage

Finished back of garage

The finished rear of the garage, which faces the house. See the addition we built on the house here.