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"Our builder, Cocks & Delaney Construction, has been exceptional."

Andrew and Jenny, homeowners of the new timberframe house in First South

Iain and Yvonne,

Now that a year has passed since completion of our house, and we can evaluate the construction after a break-in period, we want to convey our thanks and appreciation for your extraordinary help throughout the construction process.  Because we live outside Canada and could not be present during construction, seeing what you did for us confirms that anyone constructing a house or doing a significant renovation, whether out of the country or local, absolutely should have qualified project managers.

"Seeing what you did for us confirms that anyone constructing a house or doing a significant renovation absolutely should have qualified project managers."

This is not to say that we were unhappy with or had any reason to be unhappy with our builder, but we derived great comfort knowing that you were constantly on site monitoring both consistency with our ideas as well as the quality of the construction.  You worked hand-in-glove with our excellent builder, and that was beneficial for everyone.

We also know that the usual problems arose during construction and that you worked with the builder to resolve those problems while adhering to our vision and staying within our budget.  You carefully monitored all the detailed construction and installation issues and insured that the builder did not miss anything.  For example, your assistance during the walk-through with the electrician  was absolutely vital, and your suggestions regarding a myriad of other selection and installation issues were invaluable and reduced our stress levels immeasurably.

You listened to us, understood our vision and goals, and worked with the builder to achieve those goals.  With your substantial help, even a year later, we would not change one thing in the house.

Finally, you simply were terrific as partners with us throughout the process.  We valued your advice, we appreciated your suggestions, and we treasure what has become a friendship.

Steve and Vivian

Thanks so much for your work on the cabinets/pantry. I hardly know what to do with all the space! I especially appreciate having work made by someone's hands who is from my area and who cares about the work.


Iain we love the Timber Frame you built for us. It is the best built house we have lived in.

John & Jill