Presenting an exciting series of timber frame cottages or small homes with shed roofs and a distinctive modern look, along with the warmth, strength and versatility of the traditional timber frame art.

Make it your own by choosing from the options below.

Finishing Options for the Shed Series

The Shed designs are an exciting departure from the usual timber frame. You can choose options that either carry forward the modern look or harken back to the traditional craft of post and beam construction.

  • Fill the walls with windows to take full advantage of a view, or select smaller windows for privacy, coziness and temperature control.
  • Choose traditional knee braces or a sleek modern look.
  • Allow the frame to suggest different functional areas in an open-concept space, or build interior walls.

These two renderings illustrate how the choices above can result in very different living spaces:

Choose a traditional or modern exterior cladding:

Add a long awning to evoke the feeling of an old train station, or a short one to keep the rain off while you find your keys:

This should give you an idea about some of the options for a timber frame home.